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SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography)

SARS-CoV-2 antigen test kit is based on specific antibody-antigen reaction and immunoassay technique to qualitatively detect the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antigen in clinical specimen with rapid and accurate results.

  • Non-invasive

  • Simple to use

  • Convenient, no devices required

  • Rapid, get a result in 15 minutes

  • Stable, with high accuracy

  • Inexpensive, cost-efficiency



Anti-droplet, antibacterial, antiviral using HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 (Viroblock) technology.

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 has proven effective against human coronavirus (229E) in face mask testing,

This product is patented and fully engineered by Cifra knitting technology. The face mask has been awarded a  CE mark certified as a medical device in compliance with CEE 93/42 directive (ISO 10993) and is licensed for CoronaVirus protection, with improved reduction of virus infectivity of 99.997%.

Oran Textiles have the exclusive commercial rights for sales and distribution of the Cifra Warpmask in the UK and Ireland territory.

Watch the information video to learn more about how the mask is made.

HeiQ Viroblock CEO Talks to CNN about making face masks more resistant to coronavirus.

CEO Carlo Centonze has been interviewed by Olivia Chang at CNN Money Switzerland about HeiQ Viroblock and making face masks more resistant to coronavirus. The interview was published on 26 March 2020. “Textiles are one of the main vectors for viruses but also for bacteria. The technology HeiQ has developed really addresses both. All the textiles that are treated with HeiQ Viroblock become basically capable of destroying both of them in seconds to minutes and making sure that there is no re-transmission or contamination from the surfaces.”


The composition of this product is 81% nylon microfiber and 19% lycra, “Double Skin” effect.


How to use WARP-MASK

Follow these simple indications to correctly use WARP-MASK respecting yourself and those near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are available to answer all your requests. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about WARP-MASK .

Is WARP-MASK™ certified?

All components and materials Cifra’s products are made of meet Oeko-Tex standard 100 class II quality parameters together with HEIQ testing service (anti-droplet and water-repellent treatments) and Mis Microbe Investigation (anti-bacterial treatment).

Testing on MASK run by certified Bio Basic Europe laboratory show an efficacy of bacterial filtration up to 97,6%.

WARP-MASK is a filtering mask for the exclusive use of the community; it is not a medical device, and it is not a DPI. Discover more about our certifications.

What is the use of WARP-MASK™ for?

WARP-MASK is a high-tech water-repellent and antibacterial product for civil use and can be used in working environments also.

Are WARP-MASK™ reusable?

Yes, WARP-MASK can be 40° degrees machine washed.

EcoDry and Viroblock by HEIQ treatments are guaranteed for 15 washes, after that, you can still use them as any non-certified mask (or piece of clothing used for the purpose).

WARP-MASK can be disposed of among standard fabric or mixed waste after being washed.

Is reselling permitted and customization service available?

For more info about reselling and/or colour and logo customization of our products please contact us at [email protected]

What kind of fabric are WARP-MASK ™ made of ?

The composition is 81% Nylon multifiber and 19% Lycra. Each MASK weights 15gr and each WARP 23gr.

How to avoid the annoying fogging of the lens when using glasses?

To prevent glasses to fog up, fully pull the upper strip and mask edge over the nose bridge and place the glasses over the MASK edge. See picture below.

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Oran Textiles have the exclusive commercial rights for sales and distribution of the Cifra Warpmask in the UK and Ireland territory.


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